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Cardboard Cores

Cardboard Cores

Cardboard Cores

Our specialised and highly automated production facilities ensure cost-effective products and service. We can customise cores to fulfil customers’ special print or surface requirements, to enhance their brand or image.

Industrial Packaging manufactures a variety of spiral wound paper cores and tubes to both standard and custom specifications.
Typically, paper tubes and cores are manufactured using recycled paperboard in natural colour and finish. In addition, printed logos, customised printed outer wraps or liners are available. To meet your postal tube and shipping tube requirements, plastic end caps are available.

Cardboard cores are packaged by various methods to meet our customers' requirements. Typically, cores are packed in corrugated cartons, palletised, bundled, or packed into returnable steel racks.
Industrial Packaging Ltd is committed to Quality, Service, and Reliability.

  • Cardboard cores are ideal for the winding of many materials (e.g. labels, flexible packaging, floor coverings and fabrics)
  • Different wall thicknesses available providing strength as required.
  • Crush tests carried out in house to ensure the core is fit for the purpose you require.
  • Tubes can be supplied in a range of diameters and lengths to suit your exact requirements.

Our range of cardboard tubes fulfils a large variety of packaging requirements. We produce specialty tubes to customer specifications for inner diameter, outer diameter, length, thickness and many different strength characteristics to suit the wide range of different uses they are put to.

Range: • 20mm - 1200mm Diameter
• 6mm - 13m Length
• 1mm - 20mm Wall Thickness

Small Size

• Centres of Tape, Yarn, Labels and Wire.
• Packing protection pieces for knobs & protruding damage prone parts.
• Spacers between posts.

Medium Size Cardboard Tubes:

• Floor coverings, Plastic Films, Fabric.
•Postal Tubes & Drawing Tubes/Cases.
• Packages for Cylindrical or long components, big and small.
• Product support.

Large Size Cardboard Tubes:

• Packing cases for rolls of materials.
• Storage systems for rolls of materials.
• Formwork for circular concrete columns
• Centres for wire, metal and plastic strapping.
• Void Formers

A choice of finishes and many different strength characteristics are available in order to ensure that the tube complies with exact customer specifications. Our tubes are available in a wide range of diameters and sizes. Tubes can be provided with colour or branded outer wrappers in order that your product is recognisable.

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